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Why is it effective for stiff neck and shoulders?

Hello everyone!

It is a new dry head spa specialty store ivy Ebisu store.

When stress and fatigue accumulate, the head becomes stiff like stiff shoulders,

The scalp becomes hard.

There are many pressure points on the head,

By stimulating the acupuncture points, the body becomes lighter and firmer, and has the effect of relaxing both the mind and body.

When the neck and shoulders are tense, the head near the neck and shoulders also tenses and hardens.

It seems that it is better to think at the same time as stiff neck and shoulders = stiffness of the head!

So loosening the stiffness of the head is

You can feel the blood circulation improve from the tip of the head to the body below, and the stiffness of the entire body is loosened and lightened!

Massage of the body alone does not make it easier,

Also, if you get heavy quickly, please try a head massage!

Everyone is happy that it has become lighter ^^

New Sensation Dry Head Spa IVY

New Sensation Dry Head Spa × Oil Massage 70 minutes is a

popular menu.

Please experience ♪ it once.

We are looking forward to your visit ^^

Thank you for reading to the end.

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