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Introducing a cooling dry head spa for corporate benefits
Corporate contract plan information

Image by Peggy Anke

For the purpose of improving the mental and physical health of employees

Would you like to introduce a cooling dry head spa as a welfare program?

In recent years, an increasing number of companies have introduced massage services as a welfare program in consideration of the health of their employees.

It is essential for companies to take care of their employees and want them to work in a healthy state, both physically and mentally.

In the meantime[New sensation, the industry's first cooling dry head spa]How about the introduction of ​

We have prepared a plan that conveys concern for the health of the company's employees.


What is Dry Head Spa??

By promoting blood circulation in the head and neck,

It is said that the head is refreshing and the eyestrain is also improved.

For the purpose of improving the mental and physical health of employees,

We aim to improve work efficiency.

Subsidy system for improving fatigue of all employees

It is supported by IT companies and venture companies with strong sales strategies because it improves work efficiency.

Improve the quality of sleep due to fatigue caused by modern diseases,

By improving the clogging of the neck, long-term PC fatigue

I have heard that it is refreshing.



Please feel free to contact us.

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cooling dry head spa

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